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under construction This page is under construction!.
Only few things can be found here for now, this is a mirror of my server front-page.
Most of the local links were removed for now until my own server will be online.
Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.

This system is a mixed up Mandrake Software 7.1b and RedHat Software 6.2 system.
Following manuals for Red Hat Linux are available here:

   Red Hat Linux Installation Guide
   Red Hat Linux Getting Starting Guide
   Red Hat Linux Reference Guide

Some documentation for Mandrake Linux is available here,
including KDE manuals (some in
Romanianmanian Language made by roKDE ) and some FAQ's.

Linux Documentation from LDP (Linux Documentation Project) is here:

  Linux Installation and Getting Started
  Linux Administration Made Easy
  System Administrators Guide
  Linux Administrator's Security Guide
  Network Administration Guide
  Linux Programming Guide
  The Linux Kernel
  Kernel Module Programming Guide
  Kernel Hacking Guide
  FTP Tutorial Guide
  Other Linux Information's
  Linux Documentation Project HOWTOS

Local documentation is here organized by package

Apache Web Server documentation is here.

The Complete Internet Jargon documentation has been included.

  You can find some Linux programs (including Mandrake 7.0 and 7.1b RPM's) here.
  More Linux programs (including Red Hat 6.2 RPM's and some SUSE RPM's) are here.
  Some more Linux programs are here.

I'm Alex Mihaila (aka Milford), i'm married and have two beautifull kids.We are living in Cernavoda, Romania.

My family pictures

  Local mail for Atomic users is here.
  Here are Atomic Threads with some Linux topics.

  If you like to see my interests, here are my favorites .

Site statistics are here.

Last updated : 31.05.2000

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